Blower Door Testing in Delaware

Whether you are in Wilmington, Newark, Middletown, Milford, Smyrna, Seaford, Georgetown or New Castle, DE we help homeowners become more energy efficient and contractors close out building permits anywhere in the State of Delaware.
Blower door testing is a fundamental procedure in the realm of energy efficiency and building assessment. This method is used to evaluate the airtightness of structures by measuring the rate of air leakage. By identifying areas of air infiltration, blower door testing enables homeowners and building professionals to take appropriate steps to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility expenses, and create more comfortable and sustainable living or working spaces.

Understanding Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing entails the installation of a powerful fan in a building’s doorway. The fan is used to either pressurize or depressurize the interior space. In depressurization, the fan pulls air out of the building, leading to a pressure difference between the inside and outside environments. As a result, outside air is drawn into the building through any cracks, gaps, or leaks present in the building envelope. The rate of air infiltration is then measured, allowing for the calculation of the building’s air changes per hour (ACH) – a crucial metric that reflects its airtightness.

Benefits of Blower Door Testing

  • Energy Efficiency: Blower door testing effectively identifies areas of air leakage, enabling homeowners and building managers to prioritize sealing and insulation efforts. By reducing unwanted air exchange, the building’s energy consumption decreases, leading to considerable cost savings.
  • Comfort: A well-sealed building not only saves energy but also provides a more comfortable living or working environment. It minimizes drafts, stabilizes indoor temperatures, and reduces the entry of external pollutants, enhancing overall indoor air quality.
  • Health: Improved indoor air quality resulting from blower door testing can have positive effects on occupants’ health, especially those with respiratory conditions or allergies.
  • Sustainability: By lowering energy consumption, blower door testing plays a significant role in reducing a building’s carbon footprint, contributing to broader sustainability goals.
  • Durability: The identification and sealing of air leaks through blower door testing also help protect the building from moisture intrusion, which can lead to mold growth and structural damage over time.

We conduct blower doors testing in the following cities and across the State of Delaware:

  • Wilmington: As the largest city in Delaware, Wilmington is a vital hub for finance, industry, and commerce. It boasts a picturesque riverfront and a variety of cultural attractions.
  • Dover: Serving as the capital city of Delaware, Dover is rich in history and home to many historical landmarks and museums.
  • Newark: Home to the University of Delaware, Newark is a vibrant college town with a strong sense of community and cultural diversity.
  • Middletown: One of the fastest-growing cities in Delaware, Middletown offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities.
  • Smyrna: This quaint town is known for its friendly atmosphere, historic district, and annual events celebrating local heritage.
  • Milford: With a historic downtown district and a riverwalk along the Mispillion River, Milford exudes small-town charm.
  • Seaford: Situated along the Nanticoke River, Seaford has a rich agricultural heritage and is known for its vibrant downtown area.
  • Georgetown: The county seat of Sussex County, Georgetown is steeped in history and hosts various cultural events and festivals.
  • Elsmere: A residential suburb near Wilmington, Elsmere offers a quiet and convenient living environment.
  • New Castle: With a preserved historic district and scenic river views, New Castle delights visitors with its old-world charm and colonial architecture.


Blower door testing is an invaluable tool for assessing building envelope efficiency and improving energy conservation. By identifying and addressing air leakage, homeowners and businesses can create more sustainable, cost-effective, and comfortable spaces while contributing to environmental preservation.

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